Monday, June 18, 2012

Hey There.


Don't Leave Yet.

Chances are, if you ended up here you meant to be elsewhere. That being said, if you stick around and humor me there are a few things I can offer you: anime and analysis. You might be inclined to call it over-analysis, but that’s a subject for another time. As this is my first attempt at writing something of this nature, I’ll take a minute to make my agenda explicit: entertainment. Mostly mine, and I can’t promise you’ll enjoy it, as I’m not that entertaining. However, it may be that what entertains me could be somehow insightful or informative on the subject in question for you - and I do hope the wording of that phrase softens my arrogant tone. This could be in one of two ways. As someone who considers himself slightly more than a layman on the subject of critical analysis, maybe I have a thing or two to bring to the table on the matter at hand that the average gentleman anonymous does not. Furthermore it may be that my asinine theories could be just asinine enough to not have crossed your mind before, and in that perhaps you could be lent a new perspective. Or a few laughs. Or not.

This all being said, you can look forward to my ranting, raving analyses and crack pot theories on shows old and new from all different genres. Expect Neon Genesis one day and Nichijou another, who knows. But however unadvised it may be, I'll bring the same scrutiny to bear on it!

However, if you should bother to follow up on this any time in the future, don't expect any sort of schedule to develop, or consistency in topic. Namely, you can expect my opinion, however unwanted. Also, influential men who were tragically assassinated.

But just this once.

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